Fraud and Bot detection API for Web3

Starfall handles all Trust & Safety issues around wallets and transactions, making it safer and more reliable for DeFi and Gaming and more

Trust verification

Providing trustworthy, safe interactions on web3

Verify wallet histories and detect botnets, fraud rings, scams, farms and malicious behavior


The most comprehensive wallet and transaction API

Risk Scoring API

Auto Take Down

Monitor and take down bots and fraudulent accounts

SDK Integration

Integrations for enhanced KYC

God-View Dashboard

Filtering and alerting for wallets, users and bad content


Use fraud data directly in your smart contracts, go beyond static blacklists

State-of-the-art in AI

The Starfall technology stack

Scalable Graph Analysis Models

Our state of the art techniques in graph analysis monitor every wallet and transaction.

Phishing & Fraud Monitoring

We use advanced machine learning models to detect spam and fraud on your platform.


Chain Analysis Tools

Our case management system helps our analyst catch fraud quicker, and provides feedback human-in-the-loop feedback to our algorithms.

Bot Detection

Bots are a huge part of crypto gaming. We help ensure you are not purchasing items from questionable merchants.